Cloud 安全 Service
Work From Anywhere – Secure internet access, incorporating SASE & ZTNA概念

Cloud based, full security stack-as-a-service for safe internet and application access

迈博官网’s Cloud 安全 Service for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) gives your users a secure access to the internet and SaaS (cloud) applications, no matter if the users are located at your premises or on the road.

Our Cloud 安全 Service for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) enables your remote/mobile users to securely access internal applications, no matter if the applications are located in your data centers, private or public cloud.

Both services are powered by our security partner, Zscaler.

What are the benefits of
Cloud 安全 Service?

Sophisticated 安全 Features delivered from a distributed cloud platform with unified dashboard

No need for on-premises security appliances, reducing investment costs, operational load and deployment time.

Work from anywhere

All users (either at “fixed” locations or remote) obtain the same security level. Remote ones need no more legacy VPN systems to access corporate applications.

Connect any user, any device, and any application over any network

可扩展: 150 Data Centers globally • 智能: Cloud-scale artificial intelligence • 简单: Eliminates network & security infrastructure • 安全: Zero trust proxy architecture

Cloud 安全 Service features

Easy Change Requests

Update security environment and policy changes quickly and easily through our 安全 Operations Centers.

Multiple Service (安全) Editions

Complete 安全 in convenient subscription bundles or a-la-carte, to facilitate all customer sizes needs and “pay-as-you-grow” model.

Meaningful and Informative Reports and Dashboards

Over 100 standard reports with full customization ability, ranging from root-cause analysis drill downs to actionable dashboards.

Additional 服务 and Support Levels

Advanced Deployment & Advisory 服务 (DAS) during the initial or any further major service installation. Premium support levels available.

Why choose 迈博官网 for Cloud 安全 Service?

One stop shop for secure, global connectivity services

Cloud 安全 Service as a stand-alone or value-added service to 迈博官网 connectivity services such as MPLS, SD-WAN, and Internet Access.

Professional services suite

迈博官网 offers specialist insight from the SOCs through our expert security analysts and engineers.

Trusted partner ecosystem

迈博官网 offers a range of in-house developed services and also partners with well-known security vendors that are market leaders in their domain.

Discuss your Cloud 安全 Service needs

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